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What is The Volunteer Car Scheme?
The scheme operates in the Addingham and Ilkley area. It provides car lifts for those who find public transport difficult to access due to age, illness or disability. Transport is primarily for medical appointments such as doctors, dentists, chiropody etc. It may be possible to provide transport for other purposes; please contact the office to discuss.
All lifts are provided by our pool of volunteer drivers using their own cars.

How does it work?
If you need a lift, contact the office. Please give us as much notice as possible Give us the details of the lift and we will ring round to find a volunteer to provide transport. We will ring you back to tell you the name of the driver. He or she will contact you directly to confirm the exact arrangements.
As we rely on a pool of volunteers, there may be occasions when we cannot find someone to provide a lift. In this case we will ring you to let you know at the earliest opportunity.

Is there a charge?
There is no charge, but any donations to the organisation will be gratefully received and will help support the continuation of the service.

Who can be a volunteer driver?
Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer driver should ring our Transport Co-ordinator Ian Padley. You will need to be at least 21 years of age with two years driving experience. You will need to have your own car and comprehensive motor insurance. Acting in a voluntary capacity should be permitted by your insurers and should not affect your annual premium - we can check this for you. A clean driving licence is preferable but not essential.
You advise at what times you may be available and you choose how often you drive. You can claim a mileage allowance for the journeys you do on behalf of the organisation.

For further information, contact the office

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